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Short-Tailed-Weasel facts (Mustela erminea) aka Stoat

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  Short-Tailed Weasel (Stoat) Mustela erminea Known as short-tailed weasel, ermine, and stoat, the Mustela erminea can leap repeatedly three times their length. Breed in early to mid-summer; 1 litter of 6–7 young per year. DESCRIPTION: The stoat (Mustela erminea) has the typical mustelid shape: a long thin body, a smooth, pointed head, short legs, and five toes on each foot, furred between the pads. The claws are sharp and non-retractile. The ears are short, rounded, and set almost flat into the fur. The eyes are round, black and slightly protruding; the whiskers are very long, and the muzzle is MORE >>



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