Can my dog eat plums?

Like other pitted fruits (cherries, peaches, persimmons), plums have to be prepared properly in order for dogs to eat them.

Plums and peaches pose two problems for dogs: the large pits can physically block the esophagus and choke them, but even worse, the pits contain cyanide, a very dangerous poison to both humans and dogs. Looking too much like a dog toy or treat to ignore, the pit of a plum or peach is an attractive object for any dog to chew on. Humans know they are poisonous, but all a dog sees is a toy. So throw the pits out immediately.

Packed with a number of vitamins and minerals, the fleshy fruit of plums and peaches both offer a nice treat for dogs. Whether at room temperature or frozen (cut into pieces first), plums and peaches are a sweet treat for dogs. If your dog is overweight or is diabetic, you should consult your veterinarian before giving plums or peaches to your dog because they do contain natural sugars.

As with any fruit, be sure to monitor your dog’s intake as the added water can result in diarrhea or loose stool.


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