WRITERS WANTED: writer, columnist

We are looking for three (3) writers who enjoy writing about animals and want to become a book author.

The stories for focus on both domestic (dogs, cats) and wild animals. Like our sister site,, 4leggers publishes new animal-based content on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our goal is find three writer who each have a different topic focus. Like our writers who focus on aquatic animals at, writers for 4leggers submit stories that will be turned into chapters in a book on the topic based on their beat.

Here are the three (3) beats we are looking to fill:

  1. DOG NEWS: We’re looking for a person to write one story per week about a variety of canine-related topics. We have a list of stories to get started from which you can select topics and after we’ve established a relationship, there will be freedom to pursue dog-based stories of your choice. Stories are expected to be newspaper quality, with proper facts and citations. Word count per story is a minimum of 400 words (1,500-word maximum).
  2. DOG COLUNIST: This writer will have freedom to write about any canine-related topic with a focus on do’s and don’ts, training tips, grooming suggestions, etc. This writer must have years of experience working with dogs as a trainer, groomer or veteranarian assistant. The ideal candidate for this position will be someone with years of hands-on experience working with dogs in some capacity and is looking to create a “brand name” for themselves in order to promote a personal business, service or skill that focuses on dogs. (A groomer or dog walker, for example.)Stories are expected to be newspaper quality, with proper facts and citations. Word count per story is a minimum of 400 words (1,500-word maximum). Columns need to vary from topic to topic each week (not soley about grooming, for example).
  3. WILD ANIMALS: This writer will focus on a series of stories that explain how to survive an animal attack. Each story will focus on a different animal and offer up step-by-step instructions on what a human should attempt to do when attacked by a mountain lion, polar bear, tiger, elephant, etc. We have a list of animals we want to begin with, but will work with the writer on the list as we continue. Stories are to run weekly and be at least 400 words in length.

To learn more about 4leggers and our writing guidelines, please send your resume and two writing samples if you have them (we will consider new writers without experience, but will lean toward writers with some experience). For the Dog Columnist position include your background with dogs in detail.

Email your information to: 4leggers [at] sherpamultimedia [dot] com