Why does my dog lick me?

There’s a number of reasons that dogs lick humans and though they vary, they are all positive signs.

TASTE: the salt humans sweat (even though you don’t feel “sweaty”) is delicious to dogs, licking can be tasty to them

TRAINING YOU: dogs can be psychological geniuses, using a lick as positive reinforcement to encourage you to do something specific that they enjoyed: a treat shared, an itch scratched, a belly rub at the right time, etc.

SUBMISSION: the entire canine view of the world revolves around a hierarchy of individuals and one way a dog proves they recognize your higher level in the hierarchy is to lick you. The stereotype of the dictatorial tyrant is to have him force subordinates to kiss his ring, a dog’s licking of you can be a preemptive version of this from a canine perspective.

MEDICAL: dogs possess recuperative powers in their saliva that they use to heal their own wounds, so if they sniff out a cut or scratch on your skin they may instinctively lick your wound as a way to help you heal quicker.


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