River Otter tracks



River otter
Lontra canadensis 

Five toes on four feet with toes widely splayed in tracks; end of toes bulbous, making almost round impressions well ahead of the heel pads. Short nonretractable claws register as points at the end of each toe. Front tracks 3 to 3.5 inches long, nearly as wide as they are long; hind tracks are slightly shorter. Four lobes pointing forward on the heel pad of each paw, but usually just three will register in tracks made by the hind feet; a fifth lobe, separate and to the rear of the others on the forefeet may register as round impression to the rear of the track on softer ground, but probably not on firm ground. hind toes are elongated and webbed, much like a scuba diver’s swim fins, webbing may show in tracks made in mud, but not on harder earth.




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