Polar bear tracks

f-polar-bear-4leggers-comPolar bear
Ursus maritimus

Polar bears have large feet designed for swimming long distances. Five widely splayed toes on all four feet. Heavily furred soles may obscure or blur print details. Foreprints are 6 to 8 inches long, longer if measured from dotlike heel prints; toes heavily clawed, but much shorter than the long, almost straight foreclaws of a brown bear. Hind prints are 10 to 12 inches or longer, almost human-shaped, indicating a flat-footed (plantigrade) walk. Heel is much narrower than that of a brown bear, tracks are much larger than the black bear’s. Bear tracks on pack ice or ice floes are always from a polar bear.


Polar bear tracks in the sand as compared to a human hand. Note the marks in the sand from the extended claws.