How long are dogs pregnant?

Pregnancy in canines lasts two months. While the exact number of that gestation lasts depends on the breed, typical pregnancy lasts between 60-65 days, with an average of 63.

Every dog goes through 4 stages of pregnancy:

  1. PROTEUS (+/- 9 days long): first stage of reproduction when females attract males, signs of this stage include:

> swelling of vulva
> bloody discharge

  1. ESTRUS (+/- 3-11 days): the period of time when the female is most receptive to the male for conception, signs of this stage include:

> discharge lessens and begins to clear

> vulva swollen and soft

  1. DIESTRUS (+/- 4-14 days): the final stage of pregnancy, signs of this stage include:

> vulva returns to normal

> discharge becomes redder, but lessens

> females will not want to mate

> heat is complete when all discharge is done

  1. ANESTRUS (varies): the time between one heat cycle and the next lasts approximately six months, but varies from breed to breed, and is called anestrus


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