History of the CIA K9 Corps

Photo credit: CIA

The K-9 Corps – formed in 1991 – is one of our favorite groups at the CIA.  Our K-9s and their human partners protect the CIA and our employees. And today, our K-9s handle jobs that humans just can’t do as well. Meet the K-9s.

Have you ever noticed how much dogs like to sniff and smell things? That’s because dogs have very sensitive noses. Dogs can sniff out 19,000 explosive scents. Our dogs learn all of these in our basic 10-week training program. At the end of the training, the dogs and their human partners take 10 indoor and outdoor tests.

Some of the canines also receive street training, which sharpens our dogs’ skills. It’s just like when you practice something to get better (like soccer, piano, and math). When that training ends, all the dogs have to pass a final exam. During the exam, the dogs prove they can obey their handlers, are healthy and fast, can search people and places, and can catch bad guys. Learn About the Breeds that protect the employees of CIA.

The top dogs then report for the job of guarding the people of the CIA. Most people work 40 hours a week, but the members of the K-9 Corps work 60 hours a week. They also are on call around the clock. Fortunately, the dogs love their work and they are rewarded for being the best in their business. Our dogs live with their caring human partners and get top care.

The “top dogs” in the CIA K-9 Corps are enthusiastic, hard-working, and they do very well in school. They are just like the CIA’s best employees. Our K-9s deserve some applause and thanks for all their hard work. And don’t miss out on meeting our former “top dogs” in the Hall of Fame.

Source: CIA


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