Grant Park Bark Park

A park doesn’t have to be secretive to be hidden. Grant Park Bark Park is a perfect example of this because millions of visitors to Grant Park have walked within feet of the park without even knowing it is there. Located just west of Columbus Drive where 9th Street would intersect, Grant Park Bark Park is bordered on the railroad tracks on the west, tennis courts on the north, and the Chicago Park District Maintenance Building on the east.

Grant Park Bark Park looking southeast. Credit:

Built entirely of concrete and pea gravel, Grant Park Bark Park has zero grass. This is a practical park, not a frilly one. However, if you’re in Grant Park for any reason it is well worth the visit. Just because it isn’t fancy doesn’t mean it isn’t good. In fact, Grant Park Bark Park is very large, covering 18,690 square feet (0.43 acre) and designed for running dogs. The long, gravel-lined running area parallel to the railroad tracks is wide and tree-lined. (It is especially fun to see the dogs go crazy when the trains drive by.)


  • Water:
    There are multiple water options available usually. Not only does the park have water fountains for drinking, but there is also a water play area that doubles as an outdoor bath station. (Note: in cold weather water may be turned off.)
  • Dog bags:
    While it’s always a good idea to have poop bags on hand, the park has bag dispensaries.




Grant Park Bark Park south entrance. Credit:


The trick with this park is learning how to find it. It’s not difficult, but you do need to leave the sidewalk to get there. If you are heading east, take the 11th Street Bridge over the railroad tracks and as soon as you are on the eastern flank of the tracks you will see a dirt path that leads to the park behind the maintenance shop. If you are on heading south on Columbus Drive, use the tennis courts located in Upper Hutchinson Field south of Balbo Drive as your marker. The dog park is about 50 feet south of the tennis courts. Parking is available on Columbus Drive.





Grant Park Bark Park


Grant Park Bark Park looking north. Credit:


Grant Park Bark Park looking north. Notice that wash areas are usually available in warm weather. Credit:



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