Fred Anderson dog park

Opened in 2014, Fred Anderson Dog Park, located in the South Loop, is one of Chicago’s most advanced and popular dog parks. Built specifically for dogs, Fred Anderson Dog Park has comfortable sitting areas for visitors to sit and watch the dogs playing. Unlike many others that are unofficial dog parks where canines are tolerated, but not necessarily intended, Fred Anderson Dog Park was built just for dogs.

Fred Anderson small area in foreground with part of large dog area in background. Credit:

Looking like a skateboard park covered in Astroturf, Fred Anderson Dog Park covers a 1-acre plot with nearly half of it (0.44 acres) dedicated to dogs.


Fred Anderson Dog Park provides several key features that make dogs and dog-owners happy:

  • Two dog areas:
    The best feature about Fred Anderson is that it’s divided into two sections: one for small dogs and the other for larger ones. Covering 5,200 square feet (0.12 acre) the small-dog area is plenty large enough for two dozen dogs to play together at one time. (Yes, there can be that many on a popular day.) The large dog area is nearly three times as big, covering 13,700 square feet (0.32 acre).
  • Water:
    Both the large and small dog areas have water features that allow dogs to play in water and to drink it safely, too. Both areas have water-based play areas for canines that are activated with a foot pedal humans step on to turn on the water. Each water area is large enough for several dogs to play in simultaneously without fighting. In addition, there are drinking water fountains that have human and canine drinking bowls.
  • Dog bags:
    While it’s always a good idea to have your own poop bags on hand, Fred Anderson Dog Park has bag dispensaries as well.
  • Curved walls:
    Built just for dogs, Fred Anderson’s concrete walls are curved like into a quarter-pipe design that allows dogs the ability to chase down balls without fear of running into a vertical wall at full speed.


Located at 1629 South Wabash Avenue, Fred Anderson Dog Park is on Wabash between 16th and 18th Streets.

Fred Anderson gate between dog areas. Credit:


Fred Anderson large dog area. Credit



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