CIA K9 HALL of FAME: Orry the German Shepherd

Photo credit: CIA

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To help educate the public about how important canines are to our everyday life, even though we often don’t know it, 4leggers is launching a series of stories about some of the most courageous dogs in the world. To kick off the series, we’re focusing on the best of the best: the retired working dogs of the K9 Corps of the Central Intelligence Agency who have been enshrined in the CIA’s K9 Hall of Fame.

If you know of any courageous dogs – whether working dogs or just a neighbor’s dog who saved a life or did something courageous – please contact us and we’ll follow up about doing a story: change [at] sherpamultimedia [dot] com.


NAME: Orry (Orlando)

BREED: German shepherd

SPECIALTY: undisclosed

BIRTHPLACE: undisclosed


I’m Orry. I’m easy to pick out because I’m the biggest dog here. I weigh 100 pounds. When I first got here, a lot of the other dogs were afraid of me. They didn’t need to be. I love other dogs and people and, well, just about everyone.

My full name is really Orlando. I’ve always been a big German shepherd. I was adopted by a kind couple who loved me a lot. Other dogs teased me because I was adopted. But I think they teased me because I scared them a little. But my new parents loved me. They told me that being adopted made me special because they got to choose me. They told me that there are different kinds of families, and all that matters is the love.

Officer Lawrence is my partner, and he’s my family now. He’s a big guy, too, and he loves to exercise with me. We swim in the pool and play water basketball. In the winter, we have snowball fights. I have a big advantage because I love eating the snow he throws.

Source: CIA


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