CIA K9 HALL of FAME: Joey the Belgian Malinois

Photo credit: CIA

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To help educate the public about how important canines are to our everyday life, even though we often don’t know it, 4leggers is launching a series of stories about some of the most courageous dogs in the world. To kick off the series, we’re focusing on the best of the best: the retired working dogs of the K9 Corps of the Central Intelligence Agency who have been enshrined in the CIA’s K9 Hall of Fame.

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NAME: Joey

BREED: Belgian malinois

SPECIALTY: explosive detection

BIRTHPLACE: Netherlands


Hello! My name is Joey. I am a Belgian Malinois. I look a lot like a German Shepherd, but I’m a little smaller. (And I think I’m cuter!) I was born in the Netherlands on Sept. 14, 2000. I speak two languages: English and Dutch.

Now, I work at the CIA with my partner, K-9 Officer Clancy. I love going to work with my dad. Because I have a super nose, my job is to detect explosives and the materials that make up explosives. I search cars, buildings, stadiums, trains, or any place that a bomb could be hiding.

We have to practice a lot, but I like that. I know how to track people over long distances.  I also know how to protect my partner from bad guys. I also was taught agility. That is a fancy word for jumping and crawling over fences and other obstacles. This helps keep me alert. I need to be focused when I’m at work.

All the fun starts once I get home after a busy day. I get to chase my favorite tennis ball in the front yard with Officer Clancy’s family pets. Kole is a Newfoundland and Nikki is a German Shepherd. This year I learned how to swim. Officer Clancy put a pool in the backyard. Now I can jump in and fetch my favorite toys. Kole likes to swim with me, but Nikki is still learning. Sometimes Kole and Nikki ask me how my day went, but I can’t talk about it because it’s a secret.

I get so excited when I know it’s time to go to work. Sometimes, I’ll jump into my partner’s arms. Occasionally, I can even catch my mom off guard and I’ll jump in her arms, too. She is pretty good at catching me. It’s not always easy, because I weigh 65 pounds! My mom thinks that I’m a very important pooch. I tell her it’s no big deal. It is because I trained really hard and I have a great nose.

I think that I’m pretty lucky. I get to travel all over the world and help protect people.

Source: CIA


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