Can my dog eat asparagus?

Maybe. Sort of. Experts debate about whether asparagus should be given to dogs. In the end, your dog will decide for you.

Technically, asparagus can be given to dogs because it doesn’t contain any poison or harmful ingredients. However, the fiber in asparagus is so rigid that it can be difficult for your canine to digest, especially smaller dogs or dogs with a history of sensitive gut issues.

Steaming asparagus will soften the vegetable enough to be eaten, however, most of the healthy nutrients will have been removed in the process, rendering the food choice as a less-than-favorable option in terms of nutrition.

If you do serve your dog asparagus, steam or boil it to make sure that it’s soft enough to not harm the digestive tract. Also be prepared to have some unusual side effects, like gas, unusual urine smells, and/or soft stool.


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