Can dogs eat avocado?

No. Dogs should not eat avocados, avocado skin, avocado leaves or even chew on an avocado pit.

Avocados have a poisonous ingredient called persin that grows in the plant, leaves, skin and fruit of the avocado plant. The soft, fleshy inside of an avocado has the least amount of persin, but it is still there so even a small amount of avocado from your plate can harm your dog.

Vomiting and diarrhea are the most common side effects of ingesting persin, however, every dog is different. If your canine is allergic or especially susceptible to the toxin, a small amount of persin could be very harmful.

If you grow avocados, be sure to keep your dog far away from the plants since simply chewing on a stick, leaf, or piece of bark from the plant can harm your dog.


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