9 tips to avoid moose attack

The best way to survive an attack by a moose is to avoid creating one in the first place. When hiking, camping or spending any time outside in moose territory it is suggested that you follow these 9 tips:

  • if a moose approaches you, back off and look for a tree, fence or building to hide behind (move slowly, moose eyesight is not very good so if you move slowly you can increase your chance of not being seen if you are more than 10 feet away)
  • if the animal charges, run to the nearest object you can get between yourself and the moose
  • be very cautious around female moose with calves, and bulls during the mating season (in the fall)
  • watch for any signs of animal activity such as tracks, print marks and scat
  • make noise as you travel through the woods — talk, sing, carry a radio (a common thing hikers will yell is “hey, bear!” over and over, but it doesn’t matter what you say so long as you make noise)
  • avoid areas frequently visited by animals, such as berry patches
  • travel in groups
  • if you do hike alone, tell someone where you plan to go and what time you expect to return
  • keep dogs leashed so they don’t provoke attacks by wild animals (some experts suggest leaving the dog at home as some attacks by wild animals are actually attacks on the pet dog, not the human, because the dog is seen as a threat by the wild animal)